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Scenes from Goll Farm Elementary School, Liberia—a partnership with St. Christopher’s Church.


To raise awareness and funds for improving education and health in Africa, with an emphasis on children.


We envision a new generation of healthy, educated individuals able to make wise decisions for themselves and their country.


In 2000 the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts called out several millennial goals for parishes. St. Christopher’s decided to pursue “achieving primary education for children.”

In 2008, The Reverend Prince Wreh, a Liberian, came to study for a Masters Degree at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge. While there, he affiliated with St. Christopher’s Church in Chatham. He participated in teaching a weekly Bible study, “Glimpse of the Gospel,” and he preached from our pulpit. He graduated in 2010 from the Divinity School.

Prince returned to Liberia where he is a parish priest and a professor of theology at the Cuttington University Graduate School. He also pursued a dream of building an elementary school at Goll Farm, a small town 120 miles east of Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. Now he serves as the Executive Officer of the Goll Farm School, and his wife, Relhetta, is the Principal.

From groundbreaking in 2011, funds allocated by St. Christopher’s ($54,000) have helped to build three school buildings. Students range from age 3 to grade 9. All of the first 9th grade class at Goll Farm passed the West African Standardized Test ( like the SAT) so they can progress to high school. The current enrollment at Goll Farm is 375 students, 50 percent girls and 50 percent boys.

As of the autumn of 2017, the TWA committee has pledged scholarship money for 50 students, which comes to $5000 annually. All donations go directly toward this goal.

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