St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

Pastoral Care

DSC_0004 (1)Pastoral care at St. Christopher’s entails emulating the compassionate acts of the Good Samaritan—by crossing the road to bind up the wounds, and make whole, any and all persons who suffer in mind, body, spirit or soul; and to reveal and share something of Christ the Healer with the world.


Stephen Ministers

The St. Christopher’s Stephen Ministers are Don Chalker, Ali Crockett, Vi Fellman, Larry Jobson, Susan Newlin, Carolyn Otis, and Jo Vachon. Susan and Carolyn are also trained as Stephen Leaders through the Stephen Ministries organization in St. Louis. This ministry team has worked closely with the First Congregational Church of Chatham. St. Christopher’s Stephen Ministry works directly with Rector McGurk and his vision of bringing God’s healing love to people who are grieving, in crisis, or experiencing other stresses in life.

If you are interested in learning about Stephen Ministry, please contact Rector McGurk.