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St. Christopher’s Cloister Society

The Personal Planning Committee manages St. Christopher’s Cloister Society, which recognizes and celebrates parishioners who have planned gifts to St. Christopher’s, unless they choose to remain anonymous. If you have planned a gift to the church but have not advised us, please contact any Personal Planning Committee member to join the Cloister Society (this list of members is not published).


Passing Our Faith to Future Generations

Cloister Society Member Testimonial


Estate Planning…sounds like Vanderbilts and Rockefellers, very wealthy folks.

Estate planning is a scary phrase, but all of us have an estate. It’s what we own when we die. One way or another your estate accumulates, and you have to give it back when you die. If no estate planning is done by an individual or a family, the federal and state governments get an early look at your estate for taxation…we call that “unplanned giving.”

Chapter One

My parents had a farm…

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2016 Autumn Educational Forum:  Benefits of Charitable Planning and Giving

Thursday, October 6, 3:30 pm. It may be better to give than to receive, but it may be even better to give and see your generosity rewarded. Charitable giving can pay a valuable role in your financial and tax strategies. A well-planned gift to charity could provide an income tax deduction and a reduction of estate taxes. Your donation could also help you maintain financial security, exercise control over assets both during your lifetime and after death, and provide for your heirs in the manner you choose.

This forum was presented by St. Christopher’s Personal Planning Committee and David C. Nunheimer, Counsellor at Law, The Small Business & Estate Planning Law Group, P.C., in the Parish Hall. This forum was open to members of St. Christopher’s parish and residents of the community. The forum was free and no registration was required.

To download the transcript of the powerpoint presentation shared by Mr. Nunheimer, click here: Maximizing Wealth While Minimizing Taxes.

To download a Morgan Stanley research report on this subject, click here:  Strategies for Charitable Giving

To download a brochure on this important subject, click here: Building and Protecting Your Legacy: A Primer About Gift Planning