St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

Baptism and Confirmation

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What is Baptism?
Baptism is a rite of belonging in which we enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.

What is Confirmation?
Confirmation is how we make a mature affirmation of the commitment made at our baptism to be part of the Church. For those who have been confirmed in other denominations, reception is the mark of one’s desire to be part of the Episcopal Church.

At Saint Christopher’s, we baptize people of all ages, offering classes to meet the varying needs of those seeking the rite. We understand baptism, along with the Eucharist, to be one of the two major sacraments—that is, ritual actions that convey God’s grace in a special and powerful way. Baptisms are scheduled throughout the year except for during the season of Lent.

For more information about baptism or confirmation at St. Christopher’s, you are invited to contact The Rev. Brian W. McGurk at or 508.945.2832, ext. 302.